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Using miXo

First connect some inputs to miXo. Doubleclick on miXo to open the interactive mixer. On the left side of each  input track you'll see some keys, first one ist the maximize level key, below you'll find the level-up, level-down, and minimum level key. press one of them on your keyboard and learn how the mixer responds to each key.
On top of each track display you'll see the tracks name, below is the name of the Key Set, probably something like #1,#2,#3,etc. Each Key Definition stands for a set of keys which might be connected to multiple tracks. If you right click in one of the track windows you can assign a different Key Definition to the current track. You could for instance assign all tracks to one Key Definition and end up with a master mixer. This also allows grouping tracks.
If the default keys dont match your actual keyboard layout you can change the Key Set Definitions in the Key Set Editor (X-Menu). They will be saved with your song, so it might be a could idea to create a template for your keyboard layout.

Programming Keys

When you open the Key Definition Editor (right-button menu or X|Edit Key Definition..) you will see a list of possible commands:

++        increases volume by the default value (5%)
--        decreases volume by the default value (5%)
max       sets volume to 100%
min       sets volume to 0%
+=x       increases volume by x
-=x       decreases volume by x
slow=f    changes default increase amount
wait=s    waits for s milliseconds
repeat=n  repeats the following command(s) till next end; for n times
2all      sends the following command(s) to all tracks till next end;
2me       sends the command(s) to all track(s) the Key Definition is used by
2others   sends the following command(s) to all other tracks till next end;

x is a value between 0.0 (0%) and 1.0 (100%)
f is a value between 0.0 and whatever you need
s is time in milliseconds, eg. 1000~1 second
n is a value between 0 and whatever you like

All commands must be seperated with a ;


Mute all tracks


Solo track


Fadeout track fast


Fadeout track in 0.5 seconds intervals


Global Key Definition

You can define a Key Definition called global which will be used whether is set in a track or not. Commands that are defined in the global key definition will apply to all tracks.

One predefined global key ist panic (BACKSPACE) Key, check the global keys of a freshly opened miXo how to change the key